slip cases and boxes

Every slip case and box is bespoke and made completely from scratch so we can produce it to your exact requirements. Each box is covered in a cloth of your choice and internally lined with Suedel. There are various different types of slip cases each with different characteristics, as described below. We can also make boxes for items other than books, such as precious documents, loose prints or  three dimensional objects.

Tooling and blocking are also an option, for more details please see our Embossing page.

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A slip case is the most common type of box and is like a sleeve that surrounds the book. It's perfect if you want to protect your book on a shelf and still have the books spine visible.  Our slipcases are covered in a cloth of your choice and lined with Suedel. We can also tool or block the outside if you would like to add a logo or text in a foil of your choice - for more information about this please see our Embossing page.


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As the name suggests, this is a classic box design where the box is made up of two separate elements, the top half of the box drops neatly over the bottom. For the covering material you can choose from our extensive range of cloths; the inside can be lined in cloth or paper. Often customers choose to have different colours for the two halves. We can also add designs in gold or coloured foil to the box - for more information please see our page on Embossing.


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clamshell/Drop-OVER box

This type of box completely surrounds the contents and can be used for protecting books, documents, prints or almost anything. It's design makes it the box of choice for customers looking for that extra level of protection and presentation. We have an extensive range of cloths for you to choose from and the inside can be lined with paper or cloth. The cover and spine has the option of being embossed with a design of your making or alternatively we can add a printed label.

Each box is made from scratch to your exact requirements, so please get in touch to discuss prices and materials.

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