All our embossing is done using traditional processes, whereby the foil is pressed into the book (or other object) while hot. There are two types of embossing, blocking and tooling, and both can be done with a colour foil of your choice or without foil, which is called blind embossing. There are key differences between the two methods which are explained below:

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This method of embossing uses a block (a metal plate) which has your design etched into it, which is then mounted into a blocking press. The block can be made from a digital file as long as it's black & white (no grey or colour) such as a logo or text. There is an initial cost in making the block, but once it has been made it can be a very efficient way to emboss multiple books. However it only works on thin, flat surfaces, so is no good when embossing curved spines or leather wallets/bags - for this you would have to use the tooling method. Most of our books are embossed using this method.


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This method of embossing uses tools (handheld tools with individual letters mounted onto the ends). This is a slower process but more adaptable, because the tools are used one at a time and the pressure is applied by hand so any unevenness in the book/wallet/bag/etc can be compensated for. We have a range of typefaces (fonts) and sizes available, but you are limited to these and aren't able to use digital typefaces or images (for this you would have to use the blocking method). We also have a wide variety of ornate tools that we use when restoring antiquarian books.


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